Our name defines our standards!
Leading Edge Recovery Solutions, LLC is a national collection agency dedicated to delivering world-class performance to its clients.

Corporate Snapshot

Leading Edge Recovery Solutions (LERS) was founded on the principle to deliver "Leading Edge" performance and services to every client. Today, we are a privately owned, mid-sized specialty agency with a drive to successfully provide superior collection services to our clients that is second to none.

LERS does not want to have hundreds of clients to service, rather LERS prefers to partner with 25 – 40 key clients within our niche markets that are willing to grow with us long term. Not every client is a fit for our organization; therefore we are selective in our client base to ensure long term success.

We prefer to work with clients that make business sense for us, and for whom we know our products and services are perfectly suited. Most of our competitors service hundreds of clients, attempting to do everything under pressure of service, performance, and profitability. Our business practices and priorities are different.

LERS truly places our clients at the highest priority. This prioritization is the reason for our success within the collection industry. Our philosophy is taking care of the client first, company, and then team, in that order. "Taking care of the Client" includes delivering "Leading Edge" performance at the highest level of compliance and quality, flawless service, and brand protection at all times. We believe in making it easy for our clients and "doing it right the first time, every time".

After exceeding our client's expectations, our priority shifts to our company and its financial stability. "Taking care of the Company" consists of making solid business and fiscal decisions including placement volume, staffing levels, "right people in the right jobs", capital investments, controlled growth plan to ensure financial stability. And finally, "Taking care of the Team" comes when every team member has the vision of taking care of the client and company by working hard, paying attention to detail and expectation, and creating a positive energetic environment that cultivates success.

Leading Edge does not want to be everything to everyone and therefore we want to stay within our expertise in 4 niche markets:

  • Banking - Card, DDA, Installment, Business (commercial), Student Loan
  • Retail
  • Auto Deficiency
  • Telecommunications/Small Balance

Below is the breakout by business type. Credit Card portfolios represent 41% of our revenue today.

Within our four niche markets, LERS specializes in early stage Post-Charge Off collections. "Other" is Pre-Charge Off business.

Our Values
LERS takes pride in the quality of our people and keeping things simple. We are an agile, mid-sized privately owned agency specializing within our four niche markets: Banking, Auto, Retail, and Telecommunications/Small Balance. Our three year business plan incorporates "staying with what we know" with growth in two of the four niche markets: Banking and Auto. We do not intend to grow within Retail or Telecommunications/Small Balance.
Our Commitment
LERS success is based on controlled growth, staying within the skill set of our leaders and team, and reinvesting in our company and our people. LERS has significantly invested in the development of our EDGE products to ensure we are providing our leaders and collectors with the "Leading Edge" technology to support them in delivering superior collection services for our clients. Our leadership team has over 250 years of experience within the industry spanning creditors, agency, and debt buyers. Our competitive advantage stems from our biggest differentiator: Our People and their ability to Execute

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