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Leading Edge Recovery Solutions, LLC is a national collection agency dedicated to delivering world-class performance to its clients.

Pre-Charge Off

Leading Edge Recovery Solutions (LERS) is committed to providing superior collection services for all of our clients on Pre-Charge Off callable and skip portfolios within our niche markets: Banking (card, DDA, student loan, installment, home equity, commercial), Auto, Retail, and Telecommunications.

Collection Services include but are not limited to inbound and outbound calling (DialEdge), lettering, deceased and bankruptcy scrubbing , manual and systemic skiptracing (SkipEdge), reporting (ReportingEdge and PerformanceEdge), auditing (AuditEdge), quality (QualityEdge), 100% recording (RecordingEdge), and training (WinningEdge). LERS understands that each portfolio has unique qualities and spends the time to identify those qualities through analytics to leverage and maximize every opportunity on every account.

LERS is an agile, privately-owned, mid-sized collection agency with minimal overhead and waste. Our "lean and mean" business approach, coupled with our owner's financial where-with-all, enables our company to propose competitive pricing packages with lower expected margins than our competitors. LERS customizes every Pre-Charge Off program to our client's specifications and goals.

Throughout the years, we have experienced that each program is unique based on account treatment, age, key performance indicators, expected outcome, goals, connectivity, performance metrics, budgets, and pain points of our clients. Our tenured leadership and collection teams take all of this into consideration to ensure LERS provide superior service to each of our clients.

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